Please Eliminate the Financially Wasteful and Environmentally Destructive Woodward Stadium

Dear Old Georgetown Village Homeowner/Resident,

We're asking for your help in a matter of great importance to our community, one that will affect the quality of life here well into the future.  It relates to the construction of a new and expanded Charles W. Woodward High School on the site previously used by Tilden Middle School.

As part of the plan to build the high school, which we do not oppose, Montgomery County Public Schools ("MCPS") has included a football stadium to the north of the property using the County-owned Edson Lane Forest, a precious and irreplaceable natural resource for our community. MCPS has already requested that the County transfer the property to the school system.

We've been working with four other communities along Edson Lane to oppose this stadium.  MCPS originally planned to have the students at Charles W. Woodward use on-site practice/playing fields and a track, and share the recently built stadium at Walter Johnson High School down the road for home games. We're urging them to return to this plan. This would not only preserve the Forest, it would save millions of dollars at a time when the County faces enormous fiscal challenges due to the pandemic.  If we're not successful in this effort, we will press to have the stadium down-sized and relocated within the site.

Our working group has been attending meetings and writing letters to keep us informed and advocate for our communities. But now we need your help urgently. We ask that you send an e-mail supporting our efforts to Marc Elrich, the County Executive (; Sidney Katz, President of the Montgomery County Council (; and Shebra Evans, President of the Montgomery County Board of Education ( Homeowners and residents of the other four communities have been asked to do the same.

Set forth below is a sample e-mail, which you can copy and paste.  Feel free to modify it as you see fit, or add your own personal comments at the end. Please note that multiple individuals in the same household can each send their own email. Also, we encourage you to forward the email to friends and relatives who live in Montgomery County and might want to support our efforts. Finally, please try to send your e-mail by October 9, 2020 (but if you miss that date, still send it!). Thank you, The Board


Dear County Executive Elrich, County Council President Katz and Other Members of the Montgomery County Council; Board of Education President Shebra Evans and Other Members of the Montgomery County Board of Education:

Say "no" to the building of a stadium for the new Charles W. Woodward High School Reopening and Expansion Project.  The stadium would destroy our critical Edson Lane Forest, a precious and irreplaceable environmental resource and habitat for wildlife during this period of climate change. In addition, Montgomery County must carefully review how this stadium realistically fits into the County’s quest for excellence in education, particularly at a time when the County stands to lose, by some estimates, as much as $600 million in tax revenues due to the coronavirus pandemic.  We are facing a new, harsh fiscal reality, and it is incumbent on you to exercise leadership in dealing with this new reality.

Eliminate the Woodward stadium and strike a blow for fiscal prudence and sound environmental management. Several public options currently exist whereby Woodward High School could share stadium facilities with nearby high schools, parks, or other athletic facilities. Sincerely,




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