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Charles W. Woodward High School



As many of you know, the Tilden Middle School will be repurposed into the much needed Charles W. Woodward High School.

The County has begun soliciting feedback on the project and we encourage all homeowners to participate in this process individually. As representatives of our community, we have also joined several other nearby homeowners associations in sending an email requesting additional information. This email can be found HERE

Moving forward, we anticipate the possibility of creating a subcommittee where members can attend upcoming community meetings to obtain additional information, engage with the County and update our residents. We are also exploring a possible survey to obtain further homeowner feedback.

Your voice matters and so do those of your neighbors. Please share our website ( with your friends and neighbors and encourage them to subscribe to this email list by going to the About section, typing in their name and email address, and clicking "Subscribe Now."

We greatly appreciate your engagement and hope to provide you as much information as possible as we receive it.


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